The NBA Free Agency Tilt-A-Whirl

I don’t have a problem with Dwayne Wade going home to Chicago. Sure, they have Rondo and Robin Lopez now but I still think that the Cavs are the beasts of the East.  Barring the i-word, we will be back in the Finals.  A by-product of the Wade deal is the Cavs getting Mike Dunleavy, Jr. (yes, another Dukie-he and Dahntay Jones were teammates in Durham back in 2001-2002. ) by using Andy Varejao’s trade exemption.

None of the moves bother me…Delly, go get that paper man.  You put in that work and you may have a shot to start.  Plus, playing under Jason Kidd will be a good move.  T-Mo, same thing.  except for the Durant move.

I have said time and again that his leadership is either not enough for that team or suspect…and it is what prevented them from maximizing their shots. They had three shots to take out GSW (one of them in Oklahoma City) but nobody on that team could put on their clutch hat and get them over the hump.

Looking back at LeBron leaving, he didn’t defer in Miami (I didn’t think he would). Dwayne Wade was the incumbent talent and HE knew LeBron was a once-in-a-generation player so he changed his role a bit while still being a superstar. LeBron learned champ-level leadership from guys who did it before like Pat Riley, Wade and the rest of the Heat. He brought that back home and you know the rest…the Cavaliers are champs.

So…the Golden State Warriors have Kevin “Kevin” Durant.

Kevin Durant’s just a guy on that team now. I don’t think he has ever had take over a game talent when it mattered. LeBron does and did. Kyrie is developing that edge.

But, as always, we will see on the court.

NBA Scheduling gurus, I ask for two things…

Warriors at Cavaliers on December 25th (anybody AT Cavaliers on Christmas, really) and Cavaliers at Wizards sometime before January (Coach Lue is hustling hard to get to meet President Obama).  Make it happen, please.

The machinations of this offseason don’t matter because…the Cleveland Cavaliers are still the 2015-16 NBA World Champions.  We have #onefortheland let’s get #twofortheC !


One thought on “The NBA Free Agency Tilt-A-Whirl

  1. Thanks scheduling wizards.

    The Cavs got a Christmas home game and beat the Warriors and got to the White House before President Obama left office.

    Now, if only the could do something about these back-to-backs..


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