Thank you for visiting.  My name is Derek and I am originally from a little town called Cleveland, Ohio…maybe you’ve heard of it, I don’t know.  You most likely know me if you have found this blog so you probably know me in some capacity.   If you don’t, welcome.

This blog is a space to get thoughts out of my head.  Some tech, some sports, some political thoughts, some thoughts about things I read and/or learned or want to learn…all me.

I have a belief that people who don’t blog as their job shouldn’t blog about their job unless they are explicitly promoting their place of employment or a project they are at liberty to discuss.  You will see me write about some technology I use on my job (because there is some intersection between my job and some of my hobbies) but I am not one to drag a current (or former) employer.  I  have too much respect for myself (and my former employers) for that.

I am on Twitter  ( @darnold0714 ) and Facebook…though I don’t know how much longer I am going to be on the latter.